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Waveguides for Microwave transmission

Microwave energy that is transmitted through air or space, must also be transmitted from the antenna to the mechanism that deciphers the information.  This is usually done with a metal tube called a Waveguide that has internal dimensions relative to the physical band width size of the radio frequency energy passing through it.  The higher the frequency, the smaller the RF band width and the waveguide tube dimension.  Also, the RF engineers put geometric features inside the waveguides that alter the signal to do what they want it to.  These features require very high precision dimensions.  Most waveguides are made by assembling extruded tubing, castings, and machined parts, but for many really close tolerance and complex waveguides the only way to achieve the internal dimensions needed is by electroforming.  We make a wide variety of microwave components for our customers including millimeter waveguides, filters, orthomode transducers, magic T’s, diplexers, mode converters and horn or dish antennas as seen in the attached photos, and have been doing this for air and space microwave transmission since the 1950’s.  The smaller photo shows microwave antenna horns for receiving satellite TV on airplanes.