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We typically receive drawings and specifications from our customers. Our engineering staff interprets the drawings into CAD drawings of the mandrels and final machining steps needed, and comes up with a complete shop traveler, preparing all the steps required to make the parts.  The A.J. Tuck Company is compliant to AS9100 guidelines and ensures proper training of all personnel. 


Our engineers work closely with our customer’s engineers to fully understand their requirements and to be sure that our electroforming solutions supply our customers with what they need.

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Production Control

Production control, in conjunction with the quality and leadership teams, follows each project through the shop insuring that all documented procedures are correctly followed in the proper order, and that all purchased components needed are ordered, received, and meet specifications. The A.J Tuck Company coordinates with customers on a regular basis, updating on deliveries, and resolving any manufacturing issues as soon as possible, when needed.  

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Quality Control

Our entire company is committed to customer satisfaction through continual improvement.  We maintain a culture of Total Quality Management dedicated to excellence; this allows us the ability to thoroughly understand our customer’s requirements and expectations. We have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving performance, while our system conforms to all of our customer’s certification requirements, especially for aerospace and defense contracts.  Our Quality Control inspection staff are all well trained in the use of state of the art equipment.

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Machine Shop

We have a complete in-house machine facility with high-end CNC millers, lathes, state of the art wire EDM capability, as well as manual machines. Our machinists are highly experienced and trained. All of our machining efforts are closely tied in with our Quality Control department, having first piece inspection and ongoing inspections as work proceeds.  This ensures that our customer’s requirements are met for all aspects of their hardware including all components, mandrels, and final machining.  We also subcontract many components and mandrels to outside machine shops, which relieves the limits of what one machine shop can produce.

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Electroforming Department

As stated before, everything we do conforms to documented procedures and all staff are trained to fully understand and control the multitude of critical process details. Everything we do has been developed by us and is understood first hand. This is a result of over 100 years of experience dealing with the intricacies of the electroforming process. We also offer a wide portfolio of coatings, gold plating, chromate conversion coatings, passivation, paint, and our highly infra-red absorptive black coating which is characterized in house with IR reflectance test capabilities. 

We have chemical bath analysis tools in house and also use an outside lab to analyze our electroforming and plating baths. After receiving the test results, we make adjustments to maintain our documented bath parameters.

We monitor grain refining additives in house on a daily basis. The results are tied into physical properties tests so we know how to control the baths to maintain them within specific parameters.  We also have our own tensile testing and hardness testing equipment for quickly confirming the deposited metal’s properties.  All parts are documented to the tank and dates run, while each tank is documented daily to the tested parameters related to specific physical properties, so we can confirm the metal traits per the attached chart of all our customers’ products, going back years.

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Assembly Department

We have a complete staff of highly skilled assembly personnel, who assemble modules, apply conductive coatings to non-conductive mandrels, trim parts as needed, perform electrical resistance tests, leak tests, solder, and apply adhesives all in conformance with A.J. Tuck Company documented procedures and customer specifications.  We ensure we fully understand and meet our customer's requirements, for example we ensure the elimination of FOD associated with high level defense and satellite components.

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Our shipping staff insures that all customer requirements for packaging and documentation are followed. Bare copper parts are nitrogen purged and vacuumed sealed if oxidation is of concern. This is overseen by our Quality Manager and our Production Manager. Additionally, we can offer some anti-tarnish coatings upon request. 

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We have experienced staff who follow up on customer bid requests in a timely manner and promptly execute on our customer's contractual requirements.  Our company code of ethics cannot be blemished, and complete satisfaction by our customers for on time delivery and quality, at a fair price, are our top priorities.  We are only happy when our customers are happy.

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Having an electroplating / electroforming facility, we are well versed in environmental concerns. The A.J. Tuck Company is 100% environmentally compliant; all wastes are segregated and shipped off site conforming to all EPA, DEEP and DOT regulations. 

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